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Mobile Apps in the Real Estate Agency World


Why free? The app is paid for by sponsors in the ClickWorldWide Group.

How does that work? We will help promote the app which will bring clients for the estate agent and the sponsors.

What happens if the estate agent does not like the app? The estate agent can simply delete the app without any obligation or cost.

Who are the sponsors of the app? Mainly the CWW photographers who produce virtual tours, video, professional photoshoots and live stream viewings for property.

Is the estate agent free to use their own photographers? Yes.

How long can the estate agent use the free app? As long as they wish.

Why should an estate agent not get their own app? To develop and maintain an app is a costly process. However, even more interesting is the marketing we do for the app. It is only interesting for CWW to develop a free app if the app brings business to the estate agent. We have a very active ongoing marketing program for this.

Who does marketing for the app? We have a dedicated team using social media to promote the app. However the estate agent can send details of the app to their clients to download from Google Play or Apple IOS Appstore on their smart device. Clients would rather have a mobile app than a mobile website

Can CWW guarantee it brings business to the estate agent with the free app? Yes we can, as long as the agent updates their portfolio and presents quality footage for the properties.

Does the agent need to input all property details in the app? No, the properties are accessed from the central CWW system. There are however a number of ways to import this data after discussions with each estate agent.

What does the estate agent need to do to start? Nothing, most of the work needs to be done by CWW. However we need some basic info plus logos/banners etc for the branding of the app for the agent.


The technology available for real estate is getting better all the time. With all the time people spend looking at their mobile devices, it creates the perfect opportunity for real estate companies to market their services through mobile applications.

An overwhelming number of real estate businesses are not doing this yet. This leaves an advantage open for any company that does have a real estate app.


These days, every business person needs a mobile app for marketing and communication assistance. Statistics show that 87% of people from the millennial generation have their mobile devices with them at all times. If you are a company with their own mobile app you would be constantly connected with all the potential property buyers who have downloaded your app.

If someone were to save their property search requirements and a new listing becomes available which matches them, that user will receive an automatic push notification.

According to a Criteo research study, real estate apps are two times more likely to retain users than those who use their mobile browsers. Not only that, there is double the chance that real estate mobile apps users will come back within a month.

According to a Criteo research study, real estate apps are two times more likely to retain users than those who use their mobile browsers. Not only that, there is double the chance that real estate mobile apps users will come back within a month.

Engagement is also high with these apps.

– 29.92% of the people who use real estate apps show “low activity.” They would be active for the first couple of days out of the week and then drop out.

– 31.97% of the people who use real estate apps showed “medium activity.” They would be active for 3 to 5 days out of the week and then drop out.

– 38.11% of the people who use real estate apps showed “high activity.” They would be active for almost the entire first week.

Stats show 70% of people who actively use apps are connecting a minimum of 3 times a week. It means these users are using the real estate mobile apps about 3 times each week to browse properties and calculate their values. If they have questions or inquiries, they can contact the Estate Agent of that listing directly through the app.

Previously, Adobe examined information pertaining to mobile app usage from more than 600 brands. They wanted to find out how loyal the users were to the apps of these brands. Adobe discovered that mobile users spent more time on apps than on websites. Based on this evidence, mobile app development was considered to be a good investment for a brand to make. Loyalty can be achieved a lot more with mobile apps than with mobile websites.

According to the concept known as “effective frequency,” consumers will build loyalty toward a brand if they see it at least 20 different times. Since mobile apps are more visible to users and easier for them to engage, they increase their chances of building loyalty toward those brands.


Whether people are looking to sell or buy property, they dislike using mobile websites to research real estate listings. They would much rather find a real estate agent app for this purpose instead

When people use the apps for Estate Agents, these companies seize the chance to obtain their loyalty for a long time to come. Users say the functionality of the apps is better than how their website counterparts function.

Any real estate agent that wants to be a fierce competitor to these real estate portals will need to begin with getting a mobile app for their real estate agency. This will at least put you on the playing field by bringing in new traffic and keeping it on your real estate website only.


Users need to have a better experience when they use your customized real estate app.

If you are building a mobile website, you are basically adapting your desktop website’s information for mobile devices. Since these devices have smaller screens, they end up getting stuffed with information which distracts and confuses users.


Mobile apps are different because they don’t need all the information which is found on your mobile website and desktop website. How often do you see biographies, newsletter subscription boxes, or home buyer’s guides on apps? The only thing you’ll see on a good app, Android or iOS, is a search feature so that users can discover new properties. This keeps the experience simple and easy.


Desktop websites can handle more complicated functionality because they are bigger platforms with large screens. The size limitations of mobile devices mean that you must only present the most important information and functions. Otherwise, you will lose your customers immediately. That’s why the successful mobile applications are the ones that have core features and not tons of functions that are useless for users. If you add too many functions at the very beginning, then you make it too complicated for your customers.


– Get your free app from CWW!

– Have better and faster visibility for the properties

– Use push notifications to reach consumers

– Enhance the user engagement to its fullest potential

– Increase the recognition and loyalty toward your estate agent

– Look forward to receiving clients from your app!

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