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How Brokers and Agents are Using YouTube to Sell Real Estate.

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How Brokers and Agents are Using YouTube to Sell Real Estate, very interesting.....


When we hear the word YouTube, we tend to think makeup tutorials, music videos, comedy sketches, viral singing sensations, or even home tours, but there’s something else that YouTube is often used for that may have escaped your mind: selling real estate. Sure, we often look to sites like Zillow and Trulia when searching for a new place to live, but, photos and text can only show and tell us so much about a house—that’s where YouTube videos come in. Showcasing listings on YouTube allows real estate agents, brokers, and agencies to promote their properties without having to pay for a television commercial or a social media advertisement, and, if the house is particularly impressive or unique, it may even go viral, bringing in a demographic that may have otherwise never seen that listing.

As a licensed real estate broker for the past 14 years, Nyasia Casey (who goes by Nyasia C. on YouTube, where she boasts upwards of 34,400 subscribers) understands the bigger picture when it comes to utilizing YouTube as a platform for real estate listings. “The biggest value is to grow an audience of people who trust you and will therefore reach out to you when they are ready to buy, sell, or rent," she tells House Beautiful. "If the particular property showcased is bought or rented from a specific video, that is a bonus, but not the ultimate goal.” Casey says the main focus of her YouTube Channel is to educate and to entertain—she “did not start it to attract clients, although, that was the byproduct.”