Photographers will be busier than ever before!

Social distancing and hygiene have never been as important as they are in today's climate. So how will this affect the property market? Buyers and Sellers alike will rely heavily on online platforms to be able to advertise, browse and research as much as possible in order to narrow down the options before stepping out of the door.

This means that the property presentation has become a crucial selling tool. An extensive, professional presentation will reduce the number of viewings required to make the sale.

Now is the time to step up a gear and do what us photographers have known for a long time: the future of selling/buying houses is in the online presentation.

ClickWorldWide (CWW) is looking for:

  1. Photographers who can produce photos, virtual tours and video's for ClickWorldWide customers (experience in producing video's is not essential)

  2. Photographers who are willing to help on social media posting marketing provided by CWW.

ClickWorldWide (CWW) offers:

  1. Exclusive work area

  2. Free software to make virtual tour.

  3. Free software account to enter / administer customer details.

ClickWorldWide (CWW)

Who is CWW?

We are Photographers and IT Technicians who believe 100% in the presentation of property online, especially with the help of the virtual tour. We are currently registered in Spain, but we are planning to open an office in the UK in the near future. We actively started recruiting Photographers in January 2020, first in Spain and are now recruiting in the other European countries. The Photographer will play a more critical role than the Estate Agent (which of course, we have known for a long time). The impact of COVID-19 will see a surge in popularity for online presentations, making it safer in terms of social distancing as the number of property viewings will be dramatically reduced.

This concept also gives the seller an option to put the property on the market with fewer costs (similar idea to PurpleBricks)

What is the purpose of CWW?

We strive to present properties as transparently, professionally and as complete as possible so that buyers feel that they can nearly buy their home online.

How does CWW work?

The portal works purely through the power of many photographers who work together. By using social media and presenting each house professionally, we can offer a cheaper but better product to the buyer and seller of houses.

Who is CWW for?

Private sellers and Estate Agents can advertise on CWW.

What does advertising on CWW cost?

Estate Agents pay £199 per year (unlimited number of houses). This includes a complete broker software package based on MLS. The broker is obliged to use our local photographer.

ndividuals pay £1000 per house outside of London and £1500 within the London area. This includes advertisement layout, photography, video, virtual tour, energy certificate, valuation and advertisement on other websites like RightMove.


Is the software required for the photographer free?

Yes, both packages needed for the virtual tour and for the administration of the new private customer are free.

What does the photographer earn?

Private seller (this is a client who lists a property to sell directly through CWW website: £400 excl VAT outside of London and £600 excl VAT within the London area per property presentation which consists of - a full photo-shoot of a private property (20 photos), the video and the virtual tour. Editing of the video is done by CWW. This charge remains the same for all properties no matter what size they are.

Properties listed through an Estate agent: The photographer may determine his price per property after consultation with the Estate Agent. Included in the fee will be £35 for CWW which includes video editing and advertising on CWW.

How does the photographer get an exclusive work area

The photographer receives his exclusive work area, providing this has not already been taken, as soon as he pays his set-up fee of £350. This will be within a 10 km radius from his/her postcode, but can change per environment as a city is different from the countryside. The photographer may pay the setup fee after the first shoot, but it must be pointed out that photographers who have paid are always offered work first. Once an area has been allocated to a paying photographer we cannot let another photographer have the exclusivity for that area.

Are there any further costs for the photographer?

There are no further costs and no obligations. If the photographer cannot do a shoot, we can always hire another photographer.

Does the photographer have a contract?

We only have an agreement between CWW and the photographer that states that all work for CWW is first offered to the photographer who has exclusivity in that area, that the software is free for use, that the set-up fee is a one-off fee and that no further costs will be charged.

When will the photographer be paid?

The photographer will be paid within 5 working days of delivery of the shoot.

Are you interested in working with CWW: These are the steps

  1. Please fill in the contact us form below and we will call you as soon as possible.

  2. We will send your account details for the VT.

  3. We will send your account details for administering private clients.

  4. You link to CWW on social media and start helping us post CWW marketing on social media every week in your groups, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc..

  5. You decide when you pay set up fee to claim your exclusive work area.

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