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Mobile Apps in the Business World

Consumers now average 5.42 hours per day using apps, up 30% from 2019

A FREE Mobile App for your business.

Created and Marketed by Google Photographers!

A mobile app that will bring you clients.

So what's the catch?

  • No catch, development costs for the app (approx £2000) paid for by Google Photography.

  • 8/12 weeks needed to build your application.

  • £350 set up fee required after free trial of 1 month without obligation.

  • No contract.

Does My Business Really Need A Mobile App?

If you already have a mobile-friendly website, is an app a necessity? You only need one if you don't want to fall behind the competition.

While businesses in 2000 didn’t depend on websites and the internet as they do today, those that saw the potential and started building a web presence early benefited the most when consumers finally shifted their behavior to be more digital.

This is exactly where we stand today with mobile apps.

Don’t Miss The Boat

Building an app isn’t all roses. It takes a significant amount of time, money and energy to build an app that people want to download and use. Even after you build the app it will need to be marketed and supported. We want to invest our time and money in your business so you do not miss the boat!

Why do we invest in your app?

When it works for you, it works for us meaning the more uploads of the mobile application the more advertising revenue it creates for us to reinvest in the marketing. This is why we invest in your application. Powered by CWW and the presentation skills of our Google Photographers we have created a platform that will keep bringing your business to potential clients.

Does advertising not annoy people?

Not at all. This is the beauty of apps. Users have to ask for adverts, and notifications otherwise they will not receive the info. This is all optional for the user..

How do we know that this mobile app works for my business?

We will give 10 reasons why mobile apps work for any business in general. However the one extra reason why our mobile application will always work for you is that the back of this app is shared by many other companies which connects you with many new clients. This unique concept is paid for by advertisers and developed by CWW and Google Photography.

10 reasons to build a mobile app for your business.

Generate additional sales. Mobile apps generate additional revenues because most people carry a mobile device, apps encourage repeat orders from customers on the go. The sheer simplicity and convenience of apps versus going to a website makes it easier for consumers to buy.

Reduce cost to serve. Mobile apps allow customers to access basic information and purchase without needing to call. On some apps, you can even click through a “visual IVR” menu rather than waste time and money listening to prompts in a call queue. Automation obviously reduces servicing costs.

Reduce marketing cost. A hidden benefit of apps is in the low cost of marketing – compared to traditional advertising and direct marketing, pushing notifications to customers who have downloaded your app is cheap. For example, you may want to announce an event or new product offer.

Enhance the customer experience. Many websites just don’t look great on tiny phone screens. Mobile apps are purpose-designed for small screen sizes so are easier on the eye and simpler to use for the customer. Apps also offer instant access to your contact channels, a customer can click to call or initiate a web chat. The app can also recognise where you are in real time and provide location specific information and directions.

The competitive edge. Perhaps your business is in a niche where your competitors don’t offer an app yet, and if yes, this can be turned to your advantage as a differentiator. You can also custom-build unique features into your app that others don’t have – the possibilities are endless.

Broaden your market coverage. Without an app, you may be missing out on a segment of the market that simply prefers to do business that way. For example, young consumers are more likely to want to transact through an app than mature B2B buyers.

Why should an estate agent not get their own app? To develop and maintain an app is a costly process. However, even more interesting is the marketing we do for the app. It is only interesting for CWW to develop a free app if the app brings business to the estate agent. We have a very active ongoing marketing program for this.

Create stickiness. What better way to create stickiness with your customers than embedding your brand in your customer’s pocket! Unlike mobile websites, apps are always visible on the user’s phone home screen. Customers are more likely to repeatedly interact with businesses that are at their fingertips, so apps are a great customer loyalty tool.

Deliver speed. Mobile apps open faster than a mobile website loads, in fact many aspects of apps are usable even without an Internet connection.To deliver services and products to the customer faster, will win more customers.

Get feedback. You can easily get actionable insights from your customers, by conducting an “in-app” survey, or by analyzing customer reviews in the App Store.

Better customer relationship. Apps are a platform which allow you to have a direct relationship with your customer. You are more likely to retain customers once you know who they are, where they are, and how to reach them.

One step away to get a free mobile app for your business.

Demo mobile APP for Estate Agents.

We need a contact person:

  • To collect the company info.

  • To arrange footage, like photos, logos, banners, videos etc

  • To discuss and design text and other content for the pages.

After receiving the info we start:

  • Develop your mobile app (8 to 12 weeks).

  • Create and add your company content.

  • Check the app with you.

  • Help and advice how to get the most out of your mobile app so it brings new business.

Once the mobile app is finished, you can use the app and send the link to all your friends and clients. If you are still happy, we will send you after 4 weeks the invoice for the set up fee (350 + vat)

At any time in the future we are here to help you to get the most out of the mobile application. The help desk is open on working days.

Leave your name and phone number, to get your free mobile app.

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