Public Messaging System

The Public Messaging System is an aid to all people looking for a property, selling a property or renting a property.

How Does it Work

You Send a Message for help to a select group of Estate Agents who subscribe to the CWW Network.

Your request for assistance with a property issue such as to "Buy" ,"Sell" or "Rent" in a specific Country/Region/Town is sent to CWW Network Public Messages "Pot".

Your request can only be seen by Estate Agents in those specific areas you outline in your request in the message.

Your email address is HIDDEN from all Estate Agents.

Estate Agents can then contact you by "replying" to your message. BUT ONLY one reply per Estate Agent is allowed, after that reply has been sent by an Estate Agent your message is hidden in the "Messages Pot" from that Estate Agent. Your message can still be seen by all other Estate Agents in that Area until they use up their ONE reply.

You will receive one email message from an Estate Agent and can then look through the replies and check out the Estate Agent's website.

Once YOU are happy, YOU can then choose which Estate Agent to start an email conversation with.

Everyone hates SPAM and intrusive selling of services.

YOU ARE IN CHARGE with the CWW Public Messaging System.