Do you have a TV?

AND does your business have a location where you could position the TV to transmit to the public?

Would you like to publicise your business/special events/products and/or services on your TV?

We can do all that for you, free of charge.

You can change your adverts on a weekly basis, free of charge. And if that's not incredible enough, we pay you for it


We have an advertiser that will pay you for advertising on your TV in between your own adverts.

Who is it?


Clickworldwide (CWW) is a new concept in the Real Estate market. CWW wants to advertise its' services and exclusive local properties for sale on your TV.

How does it work?

For every 60 minutes of transmissions, 20 mins will be for your personal adverts and the remaining 40 mins will feature local, exclusive properties for sale.

We will help you create your adverts free of charge.

You will get an account with a password where you can submit changes or add new adverts on a weekly basis. In this account you can also follow the progress of the properties, see how many are allocated to your TV and review the status of each property.

As part of the marketing strategy, every exclusive property signed up by CWW is connected to a local TV.
The TV location will receive 10% of the property sales fee. In volume that is 500 Eur. per 100,000 Eur. In other words, a property sale of 1,000.000 Eur. will generate 5,000 Eur. payable to the allocated TV.

How can we guarantee the pay structure?

Every property listed with CWW must be registered to a TV (normally the nearest TV in radius to the property). The owner of the property knows which TV is participating in the marketing.

What is the cost of the TV location?

595 Eur. Which is to be paid after the first sale.

250 Eur. deposit is required which is refundable after 6 months if no results have been produced.

Adverts from ClickWorldWide on CWW-TV

Adverts from businesses with a TV displaying CWW-TV

When do I invoice after a property sale? How do I change my adverts?

After login to CWW-TV the owner of the business owning a TV with CWW-TV can follow the sales progress of the properties. The owner can see how many properties are registered to the TV including the outstanding sales fee, and when to invoice after a sale is completed. The owner can also change/add/delete adverts on a weekly page.

There are 4 pages when the owner logs in: Timeline, Diary, Uploads and Accounts.

1. Timeline: You can follow the sales activities in a line.

2. Dairy: You can follow the sales activities in a diary.

3. Uploads: Add/change/delete your adverts.

4. Accounts: Account info including when to invoice us!