UK Estate Agents

We offer the estate agent:

  • Free Clickworldwide (CWW) account set up which gives Estate Agencies the option to add all their properties in the database so they can be shared with other agents. All properties that have a full property presentation ie photos, video and virtual tour produced can also be published on the ClickWorldWide portal. Potential clients who visit the CWW portal will be able to see the agent's details (as with RightMove).

  • Daily marketing locally on behalf of Estate Agent. For every full photoshoot with video and virtual tour that we produce, we add the footage to CWW website and post a link on social media which is tailor made with each individual Agent's logo and provides a direct link to the Agents website. For social media marketing we use Facebook groups, where we also invite the Estate Agent, so they can follow our daily activity. We also use other media sources like YouTube and Instagram.

  • CWW software includes MLS software to share nationally (50/50 split commission between local UK agents). This opens up the opportunity to work/share properties with other Estate Agents. Each Agent has control of which other Agents they wish to invite or block access to properties.

  • CWW software includes MLS International (1% sellers/buyers fee for introduction of clients to the Spanish market. (Portugal to follow soon)).

  • CWW software includes new developments in Spain exclusive to the CWW Group with up to 5% for the estate agent for introducing a client.

  • Use of our photographer for photos/VT/video. The Estate Agent can still work with their own photographer, however, all videos and virtual tours to be uploaded in CWW software/portal has to be produced by our photographer. CWW photographers have the same quality equipment and work to the same high standard of presentation. Our photographers have an account set-up with CWW and are able to upload footage directly.

We need from the Estate Agent:

  • Logo plus company contact details. This information will be used on the Estate Agent's account page, and will be visible on social media posts.

  • Contact person to explain CWW software (We like to have one person to explain in-depth all the benefits that come with the software

  • Full photoshoot to be organized which includes photos/VT/video (£375+*VAT) to be able to start marketing for the Estate Agent. We only publish properties on CWW website that have a full property presentation.

*UK Registered Companies will be invoiced without VAT