Customer Service Agents


As a Customer Service Agent you will visit clients who are selling their properties to consolidate our service package and explain this in further detail. There is no cold calling involved, all clients will have been spoken to by us before your visit. You will be expected to make your own follow up appointments after our initial contact.

Skills Required:

  • Service Orientated

  • Enjoy dealing with People

  • Interested in the property market

  • Looking for a long term opportunity

  • Own Transport

  • Fluent in English

  • Knowledge of Social Media is advantageous but not essential

We provide you with:

  • Training via Zoom: 3 Sessions approx. 3 hours per session

  • Tablet

  • Pre-installed CWW app with your account

  • Your own webpage

  • Business cards

  • For Sale signs

  • Weekly Zoom meetings with the main office

  • A meeting with our local photographer(s)

Potential earnings:

  • Basic £100 per visit which will be set up by CWW.

  • Every visit has a potential to earn up to approx. £400.

  • Duration of a visit is about 1 hour.

  • There are various other service products in the property market that can create an income while visiting clients. This will be explained in further detail.

Long term working relationship:

  • We are only looking for people that want to look after our clients for the long term

  • Part-time or full-time options

  • We ask for a one off contribution of £375 towards the cost of the hardware, software and training. Finance options available for the right applicant.

about us


CWW is a company registered in Spain and in the UK. Our aim is to be present in various countries all over Europe. We have been involved in the property market for many years but always with the focus on presenting properties on line. We believe that an estate agent is hardly needed. This function can be done (with our help) by a Customer Service Agent. Because we save the cost of an estate agent fee, we can now afford to spend money on a professional photographer, a Customer Service Agent and social media marketing. This works out less expensive for the home owner who is looking to sell, but with a better quality of presentation as the property will have professional footage by a professional photographer.

We are dividing the UK market in about 250 areas, where every area will have a pro-photographer and Customer Service Agent trained by CWW. We ask both to help us by sharing our post on a daily base on social media in the local groups. This will bring us clients who will be interested in our marketing concept to help selling the property. On the training we will explain more how our concept has been set up.

The Training:

We will have 3 training sessions of about 3 hours with a coffee break in the middle. In these training session we explain,

  • How the company works and how your position is within this structure

  • All the service products that we can offer to the clients

  • How to make the advert for the property (always checked by CWW and client before published)

  • The use of the application after you received the tablet with CWW app

    CWW App login screen

  • Information needed to know about the property market and other players in the market.

The Services we offer:

CWW provides all the services needed to sell a property. We do not do anything either than give brief info and point the client in the right direction.

  • Mortgages (contact financial advisor)

  • Conveyancing (contact conveyancing solicitor)

  • House viewings if needed (we do this)

  • Building and/or repairs to prepare for sale.

  • Other products the client might have seen on CWW, like properties and/or holidays abroad (if interested somebody from CWW will call)

  • Energy Certificate

The Photographer:

It is very interesting and important to know what our photography services for the home seller are. We ask the agent to at least attend one photoshoot to understand what we produce. The photographers are all professional and make for every property a photoshoot,a video and a virtual tour with interactive floorplan. It take a few hours in every house to shoot the footage. We will look at this in the training.


We will have a weekly and monthly on line meeting to start with. A follow up email or personal call is available for those who are working on a part-time basis or who cannot attend the meeting for other reasons. The weekly meeting will offer general guidance and allow time to share progress/queries with other Agents. The monthly meetings inform you of the latest updates and results. Once the situation with the virus Covid-19 permits we are looking for a meeting every 3 months in person within a certain area. As the company grows, and we eventually expand to the 2 staff per 250 areas (photographer and agent) we will be looking to recruit area managers.

Basic and Commissions:

Photographers and Customer Service Agents will be required to share posts created by CWW on social media on a daily basis. In these local groups the photographer, agent and company will post so clients will gain trust in our concept seeing everyday new properties, messages, offers etc. It will create a household brand within weeks. When clients click on the post they will be dealt with by the CWW office. Once we have the potential client on board we get in touch with the agent and photographer. The agent will make an appointment to visit the homeowner and will get a basic of £100. Depending on the interest of our services the commissions can go up to £400 per visit. A visit should be no longer than 1 hour.

Daily sharing of posts on social media will result in more traffic to our website. Any holiday bookings or property sales that materialize due to a post from one of our agents will result in a further commission payable to the agent. Our Track & Trace system will allow the agent to monitor the progress of any potential bookings or sales. These are commissions that come apart from the visits to clients.

We have a lot of holiday properties in sought after holiday destinations that will be added to our website in 2021.

You will receive a Tablet from CWW with a preinstalled app. All Agents using the same Tablet is easier for us to streamline, maintain and troubleshoot if necessary. The cost of the training and Tablet + app is £375 which we see as a commitment from both sides. CWW needs to invest a lot of time in the training and getting clients for the agent. We have to make sure the agent is fully committed, on part-time or full-time base.

The agents we are looking for:

We will employ our agents on a first come, first served basis and these will be limited to so many per area depending on the size/population.

Once you have completed the training, have been able to claim an area where you would like to work, and received your Tablet with CWW preinstalled App, work can start immediately.

How to get involved with CWW:

If you are interested becoming an agent please fill in the contact form, tell us your postcode from where you will be working, and when you are available to start. We will call you back as soon as possible after receiving your email with contact form

PS: please visit Ton Ploeg and/or ClickWorldWide on YouTube and you can see how long we have been busy with this project.
We started 5 years ago and had to re-start thanks to Covid-19.
Never mind….2021 here we come!

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